Fritz the Hayek and… the Lord

Fritz the Hayek

Friedrich August von Hayek was so totally „neoliberal“ that he almost could be considered as classical-liberal. Or even as a classical liberal. He was serious! – in thinking as well as in lifestyle.

Not as Austrian as lot of the „Austrian economics“ of today, but Austrian in the combination of catholic calmness and a sense of human scope and dignity.

John The Maynard Keynes

He was (The) Keynes, but not a Keynesian. He was totally modern, and he knew it. He was quite vain. His followers were more eager than he ever thought. He was „so Anti-Victorian“ but not too liberal to be in the Liberal Party of his age.

As always it was among others a question of socialisation (not of nationalisation of the means of production but in the sense of the individual social-psychological imprinting):

Keynes: „Le conservatisme est mort!“

Hayek: „Vive le conservatisme! de la petite société – comme un fondement pour une grande société libre, au moins relativement. Pour une séparation entre Communauté et société.“


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