Relation between Forever and Today

| Forever is our today … ←→ vice versa ←→ … Today is our forever |


Live for today, tommorrow is the day after today, not after tommorrow.

Hedonism as celebrating life in response to perishability and respect for life as such and as cultural phenomenon. Me, I’m often much to sluggish to be hedonistic in the ideal sense. But is that a reason to go through the mirror and accumulate capital? If you’re lazy today, you’ll probably be lazy tomorrow and will still have no reason to be industrious. What then? Halfway through life? No, that doesn’t have to be – would be boring anyway. There is no long run in this mortal world – as Keynes said. And there is no knowledge about what is going to come in the bigger picture – as Hayek said. As long as that is the state of the human art, we could relax and start to communicate with each other, not only talking about one another. If we try to embark on this „way of communication“ one of the challenges that again and again will have to be balanced is: To be honest and polite, candid and yet (sometimes, but) not only superficial.


Billy Joel – honesty
Fleetwood Mac – little lies


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