Coffin culture club

Coffin culture (and couture? Do we have a special scene clothing? Or is clothing optional at our meetings?)

The Coffin culture club. Meets every Monday at the vault of unfulfilled dreams. Everything you couldn’t say and do

communication and acting

in life. Because social feelings and hegemonial meanings inhibited you: Say it in death! Join the Coffin culture club: From breakfast to break even we are discussing hot topics and low visions? Emancipate yourself, to be able to be a good subject for yours and others. To be a social being, you got to be an individual.

Not shaped 100% externally. At least not by just one source -> Mainstream and hegemony. You can follow that path partially. But it’s not the only one and you know it. Feel it. Think (of) it. And maybe do it. From time to time. And develop these old/new experiences in loose social connections.

Death has no social restrictions. And no meaning. From nihilism to existentialism or postmodernism. It’s all possible at the Coffin club. You can always leave, but can you join?

Life: Do it or join us.


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