2004, 2012, etc. Greek inspirations

Senderos Kempuskis from the fantastic radio station ‚Radio τεμπελιά‘ demands:
„Greek national team players should play at various European 1st league football clubs.“

„Konstantinos „Kostas“ Katsouranis should be catched by AC Milan“. „Giorgos Karagounis ‚mould‘ be an example of a football player for Liverpool FC. The hotbed for a new way of playing.“ There are so many more possibilities.

Greece has it. Europe joins it. To get something in balance again. For a moment and as a neverending (as long as there is the universe) process. Holistically said. Concretely: Be lazy, be relaxed, be committed, have endurance. Be inspirably open – then be inspired. Among others by Ggreece. Not by a nation or other abstract constructs, but by the bearable ease of being (and sometimes even acting) »greece«.*

* The „greece way“ – is sometimes the way it is currently being done in Greece. In these concrete cases the „greece way“ is also, partially and temporarily, the „Greek way“. But is not bound to a nation or specific land.


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