no readers no expectations

I selectively-perceive it as good that I have no readers. Because the more readers you have the more suspicious it gets. But anyway it is, it is. Whether you have a lot of persons in your personal environment or just a few passers-by and you (can or have to) live in calmness, with only a loose bonding to concrete social groups. One will always be towards something. In concrete/in the practical situation, simplified (but not solved) as: – Against, – relatively indolent or – supportive. Differentiated stays the ever-demanding challenge. To think it (the diversity) in the abstract and to concretise/fill it in the practical situations that we have to deal with.

P.S.: While Roland Barthes in a profound intellectual game eliminated the ‚author‘, I casually try to relinquish the ‚reader‘, as abstractly supposed recipient of a (but not any) text.


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