(Re)Narrations about (re)narrations

To generalise and with a de-personalised/ideal-type simplificational narrative reconstruction:

The German way: Idealism, with much love and much hate from different constructed groups for perceived goals (self-percepting as working for these goals/ideals) and against perceived enemies from other groups and from within. Importance of the role of the enemy.

The Russian way: Narrated collective images (often more or less mystical) and notions of destiny. Importance of the role of other societal models/perceptions of them as decadent/lacking mystical deepness etc. in constructed contrast to oneself.

The USA way: You got to want to make it, and you should be able to make it, then you are (not you can or cannot, you are) part of the ongoing societal dynamics. Love it or not, do it and you can make it. Whatever it is, it’s freedom and you can have your own US flag in front of your American home.


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