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25. Februar 2016

Aus den Individuen wird ein „Wir“ und aus der Schlichtheit ein Plaisir.

25. Februar 2016

Immer schön aufregen, Blutdruck hochhalten. Sonst wird’s (einem/das Leben) langweilig.
Und wenn das dauernde Aufregen langweilig wird? Dann helfen Entspannungsübungen, entspannen ist jetzt wirklich wichtig. Entspannung ist angesagt.

Langeweile ist ein Privileg! Ich könnte mich aufregen über Leute, die ihre Langeweile zur Schau stellen. Ich reg mich auf. Da muss man sich doch aufregen. Ich brauch dann immer was zur Entspannung.

24. Februar 2016

Lachen oder Weinen in der Binarität

„Diese dreckigen braunen Ratten Pack Abschaum Bodensatz von Sachsen. Allesamt braune Nazis und nicht zur Gemeinschaft gehörend.“
„Weil diese braunen Packratten-Sachsen alle pauschalieren und pauschale Feindbilder haben.“

24. Februar 2016

Michel the wanderer

Michel Focault was assigned with a lot of concrete ideological attributions. This is the way human beings in social contexts narratively incorporate social actors (and maybe especially prominent and outspoken public figures) into the societal, social and individual narrative structures (and/or structural narratives).
To me, he was a searcher/seeker that looked for the questions and followed them to new questions rather than answers of which he knew that they were new artificially fixated narratives. He was more interested in the process and the search, as poststructuralism does as a method/way of thinking etc., than in the construction of new fixated answers. Though we ’need’/have the fixations we also need/have the seekers and wanderers (and as the [post]structuralist could say: By constructing the answers/fixated orders we also always produce (besides the symbolic „enemies“ and the „other“) the new counterweights to them with it.

23. Februar 2016

The other as outsourcing of inner struggles

If you ‚really‘ (relative or absolute) want to know where hate and love live, and other phenomena of such kind,
look into yourself.

23. Februar 2016

If we give up the notion of good and evil we cannot (or could not, if that were possible) longer (structurally) hate, and we probably cannot longer (structurally) love. Only absolutes—like maybe absolute love, not relative one etc.—would then be there/appear (or be left), but they probably don’t exist. So: We can only have a glimpse of Zen or Stoa to experience the world besides (or with a small distance from) our structurally contrast-constituted narratives. A glimpse of things or experiences standing for themselves. Otherwise only the realm given to us, spacetime and its buildedness on nothing and with pluses as much as there are minuses.

23. Februar 2016

In process and temporary stabilisation

Every overcoming of a structural binary or constitutive (anti-/contrast-)pairing like ‚Inside-Outside‘ oder ‚We-They‘ oder ‚Me-Other‘ etc. is born out of/made possible by the (secondary) creation aka construction/coming into existence of another („new“) structural binary or contrast building.

23. Februar 2016

Der Unterschied zwischen dem „verrückten“ und dem „normalen/funktionalen“ Menschen ist strukturell zunächst nur der, dass der Funktionale regelmäßig zur systemisch regulären Arbeit gehen kann.

22. Februar 2016

Two human beings are dueling/debating each other:
One says: „Drop your enemy stereotype!“
The Other says: „Drop yours too!“
„Only if you get me another one as a substitute for the one I shall drop.“
„Choose another ‚Other‘ and we can be „friends“.“

22. Februar 2016

Govern your mentality or it will be governed.
Be yourself – within the limits of the acceptable.
If yes, justifying your lifestyle can be a task in life.
If not you will get resistance by systems and structures and very concrete people (with constructions of their world views and roles). And to defend yourself against that or the struggle to be yourself will be a big task in your life.
Both is pointless but human.


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