The world becomes fantastically well-ordered and easy when you’re on the „good side“. That means, you can have your little doubts, but this ultimately – and often way before ultimately and thinking about such existential far away stuff – doesn’t count because basically, you are on the good side. That’s your basis. It gives mental security and world-view stability and a structure of meaning. A path to ensure you’re on the good side and do the good and despise and denounce and (often ritually) renounce and symbolically position yourself in distance from, and above, the wrong.
Still of course sometimes it also gets boring to be always principally on the good side, blessed with truth and uprightness, and always being in the right. So one has to start to create conflicts and looking out for things other people say and do that may be ‚utterly wrong‘, even offensive or outrageous (at least to self-righteous subjects). People who have to be punished and disciplined for their wrong-thinking and wrong-speaking etc. With this you a) give life a meaning and have motivation to do things – and b) the things you do are even ultimately (and way before that, as written above) always good.



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