Michel the wanderer

Michel Focault was assigned with a lot of concrete ideological attributions. This is the way human beings in social contexts narratively incorporate social actors (and maybe especially prominent and outspoken public figures) into the societal, social and individual narrative structures (and/or structural narratives).
To me, he was a searcher/seeker that looked for the questions and followed them to new questions rather than answers of which he knew that they were new artificially fixated narratives. He was more interested in the process and the search, as poststructuralism does as a method/way of thinking etc., than in the construction of new fixated answers. Though we ’need’/have the fixations we also need/have the seekers and wanderers (and as the [post]structuralist could say: By constructing the answers/fixated orders we also always produce (besides the symbolic „enemies“ and the „other“) the new counterweights to them with it.


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