Fight for your role/role for the fight

During ‚the week‘ we are working in jobs, ordinary jobs, but it could also be non-ordinary jobs, still they are jobs, and part of the binary „job-nonjob“. At the weekend, we meet to play different roles and have fights. I, for cultural example, and some others play ‚the fascists‘, another group of guys* play ‚anti-fascists‘ trying to make the world a better place by beating the shit out of us. „We against them“ working well (for a satisfactory experience, as long as we stay in the illusion of the game) for both sides. Sometimes we have different chronological orders in which we play out the role-play. But it mostly contains the following elements: We argue, shout paroles and phrases, engage in more or less intense name-calling and individual and group-construction-oriented insults. Sometimes with rather fact-citing or selective fact-cherry-picking arguments, sometimes rather with the big worldview-pictures sabre fencing/clashing of constructs. Often with much emotional input, sometimes bringing some awareness of absurdity into the play by shifting into sarcasm or irony.

Often, it culminates in a scrimmage (double meaning of fight and exercise/sports) and a more or less intense (depends on our energy level, form of the day etc.) fight.

Afterwards we are either going our own way, if we are emotionally still too much into our roles to sit together calmly. Or we are drinking something together and have some lower-profile-role-based group activities, like having conversations about life, playing darts or table football or watching a football game in the saloon.

* We are mostly male participants, but in other contrastive constellations/role-play settings, we also have female participants.


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