According to what we can critical-rationally assume about the human condition. About factors of human existence described and reconstructed by (social) psychology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, etc.

A somewhat kind of ‚world peace‘ would be possible if:

  • One or more Alien life forms would be discovered/showed up. Aliens who can challenge us, are relatively equal in power or superior to us.
  • Our brains, our mental patterns, our bio-social urges and needs, and maybe other things, are changed.
    By biotechnological and/or technological or (rather unlikely, at least for a long time) by ’natural‘ (not human-driven, evolutionarily or by other [co-]factors) changes.–For example genetical modifications/changes, brain structure changes, biotechnological or technological changes of the human brain and brain-body-complex. By technological or biotechnological additions, implants. By new neural connections. Some kinds of new/recombined interconnections, etc.

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