Universe has a kind of „justice“ to us all:
We’re all hypocrites in our own self-delusion and self-righteous being-programmed. And death ends that for all equally, as we are living as equally individuals/lly and equally projecting from our subjectiveness our need for self-value and self-maning->being better than at least some „others“ – who are equally in being individual and in needing this demarcation and delimitation of their „identity“ etc.

But , if you talk in this way of „justice“. You have to take it back/nivellate it by saying equally important/co-constitutive: Universe also created us this way, this absurd, competing, directed against and on each other way in an emergent creation. So if we say it this abstract way that universe does „justice“, then we at the same time should probably say, that universe is responsible for our absurd fate in the first place. So no justice, just nivellating.


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