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30. November 2016

Something that explains ‚everything‘.

In a structural(istic) perspectivs one can interprete that something that explains everything explains nothing. Because it has no contrast.

That’s a perspective. And in another, not relativistic or structuralistic perspective, one can also assume that there could theoretical-practically be someting that explains everything. Because as a theoretical whole of every single and absolute and whatever-form-of existing things, when they’re all explained in every possible way and angle etc. Then there would be everything explained. Infinity captured, for example. [In my opinion Georg Cantor is a transcender sender/subjectcomposition-aspectually expressing interesting things.]

We can call this state or reference „Hologram“, „God“ or „Heaven“ etc. Or Fredric Jameson*. 😉

*And his theoretical way of writing about critical totalisations to engage other totalisations.


30. November 2016


Ein Hobby, in „britischem“ Sinne

Etwas, das man sich nicht ausgesucht hat. Etwas das man und das einen gefunden hat. Das mit einem klingt bzw. in einem aspektuell auf eine oder verschiedene Weisen anklingt. Das man ernsthaft und mit gleichzeitigem Absurditätsbewusstsein betreibt – ohne „Seriösität“ des sich selbst außerhalb der Absurdität stellens.

28. November 2016

Fate and Reflections

He paused and smiled. „But I`ve become more accepting of fate as I get older.„

Jack Weinberg
cited by Paul Galloway

28. November 2016

Anomy is in and as a nonnormative sense (abstract) and ways (distinict individual phenomena/constellations etc.) a basic state of existence.

28. November 2016

„I’m rapping, son.“
„You’re not my dad.“

Lol. MC Paul Barman – excuse you

28. November 2016

Subjectivism and life

I can tell, seen before
I know the way, I know the law
Can’t believe, can’t obey
Can’t agree with all the things
I hear you say [Kosinsky: „And I can’t agree with all the things I say my“self“.]

Don’t ya know, all the time
You got yours an‘ ya know that
I got mine
Grab a hold, don’t let go
Don’t let them rob ya of the only way ya know
Oh no, no-one else, got the
right to make you sorry for yourself.
Stay clean […]

In the end, you’re on your own
And there is no one that can stop you being alone.

Lyrics of: Motörhead – stay clean

28. November 2016

Manches hat eine Richtung. Das Leben und vermutlich die Existenz (spekulativ-ontologisch und epistemologisch-so viel wir ahnen können) nicht.

26. November 2016

Abstracted, structurised existence ([re-]construction) can be dull. But as a thing as itself (speculative ontology) and for itself (subject and consciousness) one can be for example more dull or less dull than existence. And one is different from existence as (re-)construction.

26. November 2016

A (summarised-constructed) ‚basissearcher in me‘ says: There is no basic ‚good and evil‘, but there is ‚interesting‘ (maybe also not basic, but based on basic).

26. November 2016

The concept combination „Uncertainty principle“ (with the concepts/[re-]constructions ‚(un)certainty‘ and ‚principle‘) can be a contradiction. And a parallelity and an interesting heterogenous mixture.

Typically (patterns) human, and subjective (individuality of things) alike. Dialectically and nondialectically parallel maybe.


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