One of the possible nihilistic paradoxes is that there may be ’nothing‘ but not an ‚everything‘. So then there would be no structuralistic binary or opposite and/or this binary is empty* -> because there is no such thing, because nothing is not something to have an opposite. But/At the same in the individualistic ontology of existence, nothing has an opposite. 😉


Nothing is (not) simple. Nothing is something?


Parallelity (Parallelism as state of being) and (or maybe in) sametimeness (simultaneity in a philosophical way) is another way of looking at possible paradoxes and perceived contradictions. Sametimeness in an ‚individuality of things‘-view is, at least literally, not existing, there exist no same things.


– Even time is not the same to anything else and it’self‘. This could be just a question of the limits of our language.
– And/Or maybe sametimeness is really not same, but instead it’s timelessness, meaning: time is just an appearance, sametimeness is as nonexistent as time.
– And/Or or sametimness is at the notsametime both -> parallel.


* Structuralism is one way of modeling a structure on the basis of nothing or the levelling of things ‚anyway‘.


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