I guess/assume in a subjective projection, that every human being understands every (maybe abstract) general pattern of humans (and beings in general).

From time to time I try to let this understanding of abstractly-everything to be in the forefront of my thinking. But this can only be there/appear in moments-of-truth. I cannot uphold this not-hierarchisation and non-ordering of „the world“ for a longer time. I can only exist further (not with a teleological direction, just „further“) when I return to some and any form of reductionism, distortion and particularism of some and any (contingent) ideology.

Ideology and the inkling of its contingency is one of my personal ‚human’/being conditions. In subjective projection I assume that that applies in different real-forms (and all abstract forms) of (human) beings as well. Are there unideological beings?


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