Dear „Believers“ (as an especially abstract „group“/grouping): Where does the inkling of nothingness, relativism, levelling or nonexistence of „everything“ etc. come from?

Dear „Atheists“ (as an abstract grouping): Where does hope come from?

Believers could say for example: From the devil, from the far-distance to God/the Spirit etc.

Atheists could say for example: From evolution and the rules of the reproduction and mutation and reproduction (and so on) of the game.

Yes. And besides surviving and reproducing. Where does questioning come from? „Caused/Being a fragment/heritage of a godly origin of all things? Emerged from a human brain that is too-large to not ask and too-small to grasp further and live with the answers it may get? Still the answers would be unwhole I suppose and so there would always be questions left.


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