In this world (for example a fictional world, or another universe in the Multiverse), John Wayne Gacy is President. Not to show someone that he’s better than anyone. But to show that no one is holistically or structurally better than any other.
John Wayne continues making movies. He’s singularly real, his movies are singularly real. Any context is a construction. Movies are openly admitted/understood to be constructions. „Reality“ in a structural sense/level is practised ‚as-if‘ [for example in the singular „version“ of Hans Vaihinger] it were the reality. As an Illusio [Pierre Bourdieu] or a Game [e.g. Johan Huizinga] that exists as long as ‚technically‘ enough subjects believe in (their interpretations) of it on the construction(s) level.

To „re-„construct our contingent, particularist and subjective constructions of contexts, we can narrate them (construct the construction[s]) to have a particular „reason“ or „cause“. Among others, they are in „our times“ (an illusio it“self“) often psychological or biological or sociological etc. narratives. For example one can say: To make the ‚complexity‘ of ‚life‘ (complexity and life as two constructed „wholes“) processible, we construct contexts out of singularities.


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