‚Life‘ is (among all other potential things that life is/can be/etc.) a task of interpretation.
In my Fractal Philosophy, Life or Life’s ’stage/mode/or something else‘ is more or less metaphorically interpreted as: One (maybe in some way or another infinitely) large and multifaceted picture and/or (really or perceptionally infinitely) many singular pictures.

Somewhat and somehow resounding/resembling/etc. parallel pictures or aspects of (abstractly) ‚one‘ large picture. Interpretable as a fractal and/or many fractals.

Life is/gets interpreted – maybe by all existing ‚things‘ and phenomena. As things are resounding to other things in some way or aspect, or not. Interpretation (is made/happening as/basically existing) as individual perceptions and their interpretations/soundings and resoundings. Done by all potential sounders and resounders. Among those ‚all‘, there are (human) subjective consciousnesses that interprete ‚life‘ „as such“, singularities, individual things and constructions and all abstract sounds and resounds of life.


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