S. K. asked (generally, not me personally) [paraphrased]: Reason is a random event, isn’t it?

Ontologically I would currently rather guess/interprete: Yes. ‚Randomness‘ though is also an interpretation and definition.
I currently imagine ‚Existence‘ (as a ‚whole’/an ‚all‘, or nonwhole/not a „one“/closed/synchronous etc. unity) as a picture (and/or pictures) of fractals and parallelism. So I guess that at the same time as randomness is interpreted <–> the will to reasons is also strong in human beings. Wherever this will (, need, longing, urge, pattern, etc.) may come from. For example one can construct a holistically-evolutionary re-narration. But every „whole“/(pragmatically as-if-) all-encompassing re-construction/“explanation“ seems particularist to me. And there is (or can be interpreted) always something else–a kind of openness of our thinking and maybe of ‚Existence‘ „as such“.


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