The energy metaphor of the movie of human existence

In a biblical metaphor:
God created Adam and Eve. They were in paradise until they discovered good and evil (not only evil, but a relation of some sort, for example: closed as structural, spiraling as poststructural).
Then came, Adam and Cain. One could say: Neatly ordered in ‚good‘ and ‚evil‘. But that was no objective case from the beginning–of course of/as the course of the unfolding/expansion of the existential picture/motion-picture. From the beginning „there was“/it was ambivalence and the meeting of energies, objects, subjects and illusios on the same ‚level‘ of existence. Thrown into existence, not voluntarily enacting their energy fluctuations and constellations. Watching the movie of their existence as it played before them–in the human case before their overall human perceptions and before their interpreting consciousness.


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