Realms; theory and subjective experience

Theory and subjective experience*
are two (abstractly summarised: two; concretely pluralistically [very large finitely or infinitely] many singular constellations)
parallel realms.
They may indirectly ‚resound‘ to each other** in singularly constellated ways, constructed afterwards in a summarised secondary way („complextiy-reduced“/to be able to process and to language-schematise it etc.) as patterns of for example ‚patterns‘ or of ‚causality‘ or anything else.

* In my current estimation, all experience is subjective to human beings, and probably to all beings and in-case to all objects, phenomena, whatever there is.
** Constellation/composition of realm A and of realm B in a singular moment and in a fractal series of singular moments.
Both realms stay basically parallel, not becoming AB, but basically still existing parallel and displaying the singular and fractal resound pictures of/as A->B and B->A,
which are more or less similar to each other and more or less „self“-similar in the different fractal moments experienced subjectively as ‚time‘.


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