Some of the different roles we can interprete to be there in the human world:
– Identity representative of a constructed identity group delinetation. With its structuration of the world in the contingent orientative terms of the ideology-identity group. A leading representative or one of the supporting representatives of the ideologically „integrated“/directed and centred (like electrons around a atom core) identity groups.

– The follower of an ideology and identity grouping in his (never whole, differently large part of his subject-construction) role of fighting for his ideology, for its dominance or for its actualised existence (in public debate and maybe as practised ways of life, projects, etc.).

– Deconstructor of (nonvoluntaristically) construced structurisations with their contingent, particularist and energy-laden delineations, hierarchisations, etc.

– Understander/Healer

– Producer, constructor of (scientific, economic, engineering, religious, etc.) structures and projects of different kinds and forms etc.


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