Inertia, velocity, acceleration.

Some might have a
(relative to each other, to the matter around them, and maybe to another reference, relative or [philosophically, somehow ontologically etc.] absolute as-such)
higher or lower starting velocity and keeping this velocity in an inert state.
Some might have the feature of/displaying acceleration and deceleration regarding certain projected reference phenomena or topics etc.

At least in a metaphorical way, I guess that either the starting speeds and thus the general velocity of (human) beings are different and the inertia is the same.
And/Or the inertia is (acting) differently strong (upon)/in the variations of human beings.
Humans (and generally beings) then would have a different energy distribution, proportions.
One of the pattern of this could be (contrastively summarised regarding the one feature of velocity): Some are seeing the world more slowly and reflectively, some have a higher velocity, getting a lot of things practically done.


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