Monat: Februar 2017

The phenomenon that humans search for reasons and „legitimisations“ of their actions is interesting. More interesting than the recurring patterns of relativised „legitimisations“.


The pattern of relative:   Building borders, transgressing borders, changing borders, building borders, transgressing borders…….. further to not knowable length/experience of repetition.

The absolute:   Borders and transgressing borders is external to the absolute, which exists in/with/as nonrelative singular and individual moments. Experiencable, inkling-able, sound/resound-able maybe as/with non-relativised moments and keeping the experience open besides all patterns (necessities) of relativisation.

Besides all the energy-confrontations and relativised chargings and dechargings. Which very probably are necessary patterns of human existence. Besides then, ideologies and world-view generalisations and as-if-postulations of objectivity and structure narrations to be „valid“ for other beings that have other structure narrations and perspectives. Besides the relativised races for goals one (un)consciously knows that one cannot reach them — and should not reach them because it would levellate to Zero.
Besides all that relativised Zero-Sum-Games and secondary hierarchisations.

There is the absolute. And one can try to inkling to it, to experience it, to let it sound.

Practise and inkling, impress/express the absolute. The relative is also there, parallel. The absolute is there without me, as a postulator, saying: Practise the absolute. It’s in me and in everything else. It’s a parallel aspect of me as it is of existence. It’s at the same time there without any concrete re-constructing subject or being or thing. And it’s in every existing thing (at least the ones we can perceive somehow currently — all the things that sound and resound to us as expressers and perceivers).

It’s all an illusion? Yes. But the weather is fine this morning and the birds are singing and I can’t reduce the feeling to language.

The reductions and distortions of the well-ordered (structured and hierarchised)

– worldviews (constructing the subject and constructed with/“by“ the subjective reduction)
– and ideologies (group constructions and delineations)

are parallel to the inkling and graspable ungraspable nonhierarchy, singularity-based individuality and plurality of existence. While we cannot perceive (or at least: interpret/process/be at the same time aware of) the parallelity of all things of the potential. And of all actualisation of this potential in the single constellations/moments. We still (at the same time/parallel) cannot shut (it) out, the plurality and parallelity of the nonhierarchical singular individually composed existence out.


Only in dreams and for subjects as absolutes, do contents and projects existentially count.
Regarding the fight of constructions versus constructions, and structurations versus structurations on the relative level/aspect, where ideologies and worldviews play more or less intense superiority and delineation games. No content counts here existentially, only energies that try to dominate or defend their existence.