Fin-de/du-temps and energy simulations

The Holländischer Käsehändler says: The government could be for example 10% conservative, 12% socialist conservative, 36% moderationist conformist. The opposition may be 8% classical liberal, 9% radical socialist, 6% ecological de-industrialist, 9% traditionalist conservative and 10% actively nonpolitical.

Rebellion is possible. But in the current hightide of an authoritarian pseudo-liberal hegemony of a secular-holy sacralization of „alternativeless“ it’s diffuse.

(‚Fin-de-siècle‘, Ennui, Nihilism/Empty Spinning, Energy Intensities, Energy Projections, Projects and Ideologies, Grand Narratives, Illusio Plurality <-> Diffusion and Energy Unsatisfaction, Diffused Delineations and Identity Constructions).


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