Energy is ‚used’/appearing in different ways. And it can appear also in & as enjoying moments in their individuality, not only as (the energy we display etc. of) ordering them into routine patterns. Moments of unsecureness (involuntarily leaving the secure structurations of our stable classifications and hierarchisations) and experiencing. Moments. (Letting them sound), maybe deeper, or broader or different as in the de-individualisation of (rationalisable as for example: ‚functionally necessary‘) patterns. I can experience it as singularily being in the moment and parallel as being in moments and in the ’serialisation mode‘ of existence.
An inkling of, or momentary and meta-momentary* tries, to parallelising the basic and the secondary, the singularity and the orientative structurings (keeping them somewhat open and plural -> pluralistic in an also not fully fixed way). Or as a dialectic where the constructed patterns of security are pulling me while I take a look into the not completely secured/pre-judged moment. Bungee-Jumping in some moments maybe. And exploring the momentary, parallel to the structured and partially closed reductions of serialsations.

* Trying to serialise the nonserialisation. Being parallel to routine and serialisations, aware of moments and of individual constellations. Of parallel and resounding existences: the singular things and their constellations, the [speculative-ontologically] moment-based compositions (among them: beings, humans re-constructing them’selves‘ as subjects), and the phenomena (for example of expression/sounding and impression/resounding).


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