Humans are masters in legitimising their own energy formations/appearances, impulses and directions.

A subject (in the relationalist perspective and aspect of existence*) is the abstract (fragmental) imagination/(nonvoluntarist) construction, where ‚my righteous‘ energies and ‚(the) other energies‘ are differentiated.
– In/with/“by“(in a functionalistic or instrumental formulation) energy intense dualistic groupings (group attachments, ideologies and hierarchisations of „the world“). Projections of “our energy/their energy“, “good energy/bad energy“ etc.
– In more/rather energy-distributed differentiations where effectively/actually more than two “options“/constructed contrasts are practised and energies are more ambivalent/less intense.
– and in more complex, subjectively less ordered/pre-hierarchised and pre-judged/pre-fixed situations. More basic singularity and (from the order-searching perspective) ambiguity. More experience of difference and plurality of existence, less order, subjective/particularist hierarchy and security of pre-judgement. More different energies (and/or energy outformings) and less intensity of “identification“ and being in “one“ energy and in the “right, better, superior, etc.“ energy.

* The relationalist aspect/“level“ is in my estimation a strong one but not the only one, and the strong secondary phenomenon of singular and individual things, compositions and moments/constellations.


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