„Moderatism, you’re the most opportunist of us all“, says another ideology.

The Existentialist in the Bathtub says: „I don’t tell you to have no direction, No direction is absolute existing or not. And secondarily non-direction is a direction too.
I just won’t give a meta-singular or universalised concretisation. Or a particularisation disguised as objectivity of an everything or a whole. Existence is either not a whole or not processable as one.“

Some re-constructed beings — impression-expressions, by consciousness etc., —
are at some place in the (maybe and for interpretation-example: fractal) pictures — the parallel singulars and the interpretations of the moment, the compositions and the constellations —
‚Existentialists‘. In basic singular Parallelity, in compositions, in constellations and their interpretations. Other beings are otherwise re-constructed and interpreted.


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