If you are mobbed, an “outsider“ (in secondary, basically irrelevant circle games, that aspects of you want to be “part“ of and other aspects feel and know the contingency and emptyness of this structural concretisations).

If some of the other boys “get“ the girls “because“ they are currently serialised with the secondary shine of symbolic power and a leading position in the particular hierarchical construction.
If some of the other girls “get“ the boys “because“ they seem to be the natural and cultural beauties and the

Never forget: The Moment is the Key (formulated as 1990s song title).
a) Every moment is a moment as such and for itself, a picture of singular perceptions and interpretations.
b) Every moment or point is a possible existential Point of Departure in the experience and interpretation of the pictures and fractals of life.
A Damoklesian Principle. Every point is a point as such, for it’self‘ and for serialising new projects and interpretations.


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