More and More the Stoa grows.
It’s a story. Personal ideology instead of particularistic group stress. Let go of politics and regain it by agnostic checks and balances.
I want to live in Biedermeier, peace and peaceful delimitation towards (and regarding/not regarding) other lifestyles. Boredom.
I want to live situation-practic. Stress.

Energy Metaphor describes the secondary re-construction of the basically singular things and their constellations quite good — without having to favourise/particularise a certain content or ideological construction. Content, in the Energy-Picture, is like Tapete to wall. Tapete can be subjectively perceived as something. For example nice or boring.

Different relevance structures (Alfred Schütz) and structural relevance. Always existential equality, particularist

No one is special, every thing existing is existentially equally special and nonspecial. What it is is: existing.


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