Kategorie: Existenzialphilosophie

What is produced as ‚good‘ must come out at another place as ‚evil‘. May it be within your own story/composition and the basically-singular constellative situations. Or projected onto some person, group or other ’surface’/as-if-responsible entity.

Responsibility, existing as as-if, can only be shared equally. From a perspective of Parallel-Existentialism as well as of Structural division of Zero into parts, for example Plus(ses) and Minus(ses) or metaphorically ‚Responsibility Matter‘ and ‚Anti-Matter‘ etc.


I despise or am repelled by many structural aspects of existence. But the philosopher that is with (secondarily: a part of) my secondary composition faces them.

One is: Human beings are capable of evil and good (to their own standards, but assume them as differentiated in some way, either only human-created or existentially).

Dolphins, rats, pigs, Cephalopods (, and some day maybe I-Pods, Artificial Intelligence) are intelligent (in the sense of differentiated compositions) and capable of good and evil.

Probably structuralism is right in assuming that secondary beings (every composition like humans, animals, plants, mushrooms, maybe viruses, machines, etc.) can only be good when they can be evil. And probably equally (structural zero-sum) evil as good. Directly, in dual structures like: Plus and Minus, with the same amount. Or indirectly in plurally differentiated distributions, like: 1 evil here, 2 good here, 1 evil there, etc. summarising to Zero.


Nihilism or better: Nihility/Nothingness as experience and ‚being‘,
is not in our brains not in our stomach, not a question of sickness or health or joy or sadness etc. It is, secondarily: A part of human (and probably beyond) life experience. And primarily/basically: Nihility/Nothingness is not a whole, like nothing is. 🙂 It’s an existing ‚thing‘, an existence, parallel to all other existences. It ca be resounded/interact with another existence in different — basically: singular — constellations and their experiences and interpretations, – the situative interpretations and the abstracting series projections (constructions, of ‚generalising’/serialising it as a pattern, a recurrent phenomenon etc.).

Les humains sont abstraits-généralement les mêmes et composé singulièrement. Ielles résonnent avec, et élaborent, différents champs. Dans différentes constellations, série projections, et particularisations (contingentes constructions des ordres réductrices [hors de la contingence de la non-ordre (nonunité) basale de ‚la‘ Existence], et des idéologies). 

Für eine Existenzkrise muss immer Zeit sein. Auch wenn Fußball kommt oder sonst eine wichtige Einzelsache ist. Ist Existenzkrise eine Einzelsache, die gleichermaßen existiert. Und wenn man dieser begegnet kann ein Mensch sich nicht immer, z.B. durch Beschäftigung oder an etwas anderes denken, dem Treffen und dem Anklang entziehen.