Kategorie: Fragmente

„We can understand but not predict.“ The Individualist on the Mountain says and sits, fractally and secondarily hovering over the heavyness of not-moving but seeming to be moved (in singular-existentialist life-as-pictures perspective-interpretation: secondarily ‚moved‘ and seeming to be moved — as two singular things [thingcomposition-sounds]) existence.


And I hate when things are over
When so much is left undone


Deep Blue Something – breakfast at tiffany’s

A realist-surrealism, fragmentary perceptions, singularities and associations, fractals – traces – rememberances – revibrations, sounds resounds, plural-serialisations, with parallelity, approach to life.

I am not an identity, I’m a momentary composition and fractal traces, reflexions and their interpretations. And re-constructions and point-serialisations. I teach Realism at the Fantasy University. I am a Surrealism Counsellor/Allusion-Proposer.