Schlagwort: checks and balances

Charles I versus Oliver Cromwell versus ‚The‘ Levellers

Religion (as phenomenon and societally always in plural) and for example Monarchy ameliorate truth with literary lifestyle and grandeur and fantasy.
Secularism in some aspects soberises life to a nonbearable soberness/lack of fantasy and other things, which are also constitutive (and platonically timeless) elements of the plural human composition in a plural Existence.


Fin-de/du-temps and energy simulations

The Holländischer Käsehändler says: The government could be for example 10% conservative, 12% socialist conservative, 36% moderationist conformist. The opposition may be 8% classical liberal, 9% radical socialist, 6% ecological de-industrialist, 9% traditionalist conservative and 10% actively nonpolitical.

Rebellion is possible. But in the current hightide of an authoritarian pseudo-liberal hegemony of a secular-holy sacralization of „alternativeless“ it’s diffuse.

(‚Fin-de-siècle‘, Ennui, Nihilism/Empty Spinning, Energy Intensities, Energy Projections, Projects and Ideologies, Grand Narratives, Illusio Plurality <-> Diffusion and Energy Unsatisfaction, Diffused Delineations and Identity Constructions).

A kind of social(-)liberal

An individual* said: I make my art in, towards, for and against existence, or I try to check and balance powers and energies.

The first is singulary and possibly meeting other singularities.

The second is (the and a) subjective perspective and stance
on combinations of subjective angles, situations and larger narrative constructions based on the meetings of singularities in the social realm.

The social realm as maybe an indirect level where takes ‚place‘: the non-wholly meeting of subjective consciousnesses in moments and situations. And the inter-subjectively (and multiphrenely) communicated non-basic (less basic than the singularity of compositions of individual things) narratives. Narratives are/as more or less ontologically deep and epistemologically: subjectively intensely received/more or less strongly resembling and resounding in the different subjects (summarised for example as ‚characters‘).

* An individual person who in this story is an individually composed subjective consciousness-in-moments and a pluralistic & non-wholly reconstruction of sequences of moments/narrative combination of different ‚past moments‘.