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It’s evolution baby. You can’t do anything about it, you just can do anything else when you do it.


The Texas Deviance Potential

I like the (term) „Lone Star State“. To me, it symbolizes Lonerism, still being an element, (but) with the potential to individuality, and the possibility to think of the following as life-given parallels (or as compatible union?): Individualism and abstract holism. [Concrete community is another experience realm.] A Loner’s nickname is given to the (abstract construction but also concretely inhabited) state of Texas. Is this justified? Can there be a state (of mind) which gives the imagination of peculiarity a practical meaning? Maybe we can think of it this way (or at least ‚as if‘). The one in a Union, a community of the nanny, manny, granny and fanny, sometimes up and sometimes swanny, states (of the Union). There is: Open range. Space for fears, but also Retreat and Guardedness through the wideness and dispersion etc.. (Plus) Some bodacious agglomerations, as settlement points – (at least abstractly) unplanned conglomerations in the unsettledness. Lost, placed and cast-off in the landscape, in the huge areas of the hinterland. Hot and big, cultivations and cities between emptiness, potential(s) for fantasy? Inhabited and linked with the other worlds, but still not world? Not philosophically intentional detached from the world either. Just there? And idiosyncratic.
Texas, the Loner. As one Loner. Dallas, its Queen? A state for strongmen and -women. For Cowboys and farmhands. Live with the Prairie and domesticated nature. Still possibly (Existentialistically said: Make it happen!) also (constructable as) a refuge – for deviations (of different kinds), and with places and niches to sprinkle the nihilist basis space (aka fill and live life) in another way.

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