Schlagwort: existential philosophy

Leaving in thoughts and (recalibrated) re-entering (because in the causal world necessary*)

Leaving (in thoughts) system functional thinking (of every imaginable system) to have a look, from the thought-worldly reachable outside, on it. Reentering it with a (my example) literary perspective. You can still work purpose-rationally, to survive, be able to afford basic medicine and reaching a little comfort (and maybe doing so more effectively, at least less hampered by fear of being devaluated by governmentality). At the same time you will not have to have/be socially conditioned to systemic success as your main goal, even if you may still devote a vast amount up to most of your time and energy into this area of human action.

* necessary here in a physical-psychological consequentialist sense (consequence of human survival and need for food, shelter and certain communication), not in a moral sense.