Schlagwort: Gilles Deleuze

Um das Selbst zu transzendieren kann es (z.B. und als eine Möglichkeit) philosophischem ‚Selbst’bewusstsein bedürfen. Z.B. existenzial(istisch)em Singularitäts- und Gleichheits-(An-)Bewusstsein/Interpretation/Anwahrnehmung.


Acknowledging/(theoretical, life-philosophical) Parallelising of the parallelism of

– existential-basic-situation equality of all beings and more broadly possibly: all things
– existential basic singularity of all things and individuality of all compositions (like subjects in different moments/constellations)
– the subjectivity of experiencing. Of basic singularities and of (parallel and) secondary structurations, pattern-interpretations and reproductions
– and groupings, group delineations, orderings and hierarchisations of ‚the world‘. As ideologies and (sometimes parallel and sometimes the as one constellation of ideologically hierarchised and delineated/defended and „wholised“/set as objective and whole truth) as scientific and technical structurations. (For example: Pattern-interpretations as pragmatic technical assumptions and pattern-interpretations as ideological generalisations/identity-references).

The parallelity of these (differently abstractly formulatabble) aspects of existence making it plausible to propose a project oriented life. With (basically everything parallel, potential and actualisations) the experiencing and practise of subject-to-existence and existence-to-subject as ‚Projects‘, like maybe Jean-Paul Sartre proposed/formulated.

Gordon C.F. Bearn interpreted it as:
Deleuze the ‚Optimist‘.
Derrida the ‚Pessimist‘.

To me: Parallel and resounding (in) existence.
Actualising with/in/as subjects and maybe with everything (for example resounding [for example: fractally reminding/having an indirectly shareable trace] to the perspective: Object-Oriented Ontology, Graham Harman).