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22. Juni 2017

Sag das Zauberwort und du hast die Macht

Sailor Moon deutsches Titellied

17. Februar 2017

‚Warm Machine‘ by Bush is to me also (among all other potentials and soundings) a lyrics that reminds me of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Atomism.

17. Februar 2017

For example and Concept:
The Continuum of the Stoics.
The Pointillation and Singularities of the Atomists.
The Desire Plane (of Immanence and Singularity) of Gilles Deleuze.

13. Februar 2017

Acknowledging/(theoretical, life-philosophical) Parallelising of the parallelism of

– existential-basic-situation equality of all beings and more broadly possibly: all things
– existential basic singularity of all things and individuality of all compositions (like subjects in different moments/constellations)
– the subjectivity of experiencing. Of basic singularities and of (parallel and) secondary structurations, pattern-interpretations and reproductions
– and groupings, group delineations, orderings and hierarchisations of ‚the world‘. As ideologies and (sometimes parallel and sometimes the as one constellation of ideologically hierarchised and delineated/defended and „wholised“/set as objective and whole truth) as scientific and technical structurations. (For example: Pattern-interpretations as pragmatic technical assumptions and pattern-interpretations as ideological generalisations/identity-references).

The parallelity of these (differently abstractly formulatabble) aspects of existence making it plausible to propose a project oriented life. With (basically everything parallel, potential and actualisations) the experiencing and practise of subject-to-existence and existence-to-subject as ‚Projects‘, like maybe Jean-Paul Sartre proposed/formulated.

12. Februar 2017

Gordon C.F. Bearn interpreted it as:
Deleuze the ‚Optimist‘.
Derrida the ‚Pessimist‘.

To me: Parallel and resounding (in) existence.
Actualising with/in/as subjects and maybe with everything (for example resounding [for example: fractally reminding/having an indirectly shareable trace] to the perspective: Object-Oriented Ontology, Graham Harman).

31. Januar 2017

The existence of desire not relative to a closed structure

Deleuzian (and Guattarian?) desire I interprete for example as:

Wanting/Desire that is not relative to the/a closed structure but wanting that is wanting itself (existing for itself) and that sounds and resounds with potentials, bringing them into actualised existence–in literature, art, inter-subjective projects, etc.

13. Oktober 2016

Life (conceptualised/metaphorised) as a coping mechanism.
I have to deceive myself to cope with life (as a generalised, at the same time understood as ontologically non-whole, situation). But I want to be honest about my interests (in my subjective interpretation of a Hobbesian sense and a Deleuzian desire sense). Honest to myself and to some others.

6. Oktober 2016

Desire machines
when running empty.
Desire and depression instead of Meaning and depression? No desire for meaning no depression, Buddhist?
Is it pressure and counterpressure in relational settings?
Or are it individual compositions of individual absolutenesses seeking or going their ways in fragmentary existence? Being and/or appearing in moments.

30. Juni 2016

Zahlen und Zeit

Das hat vermutlich schon jemand vorgeschlagen:
Wenn Wahlbeteiligungen schlecht sind, könnte man die Wahlen wiederholen (z.B. als eine ‚iteration‘ bei Jacques Derrida oder eine ‚répétition‘ bei Gilles Deleuze). Und die Wahlbeteiligungen dann zusammenrechnen. Wenn man ein bestimmtes Bild von der Zeit als Maßstab nimmt, ist die Person A zu einem Zeitpunkt 1 ja materiell und geistig nicht die selbe Person zu einem Zeitpunkt 2. Und so hätten dann in absoluten Zahlen mehr Leute gewählt als bei nur einem Wahlgang. Aber in Prozenten dürfte das meiner Vermutung nach nicht so einfach zusammenzurechnen sein.

Denn was ist das 100 an dem sich die Prozente ausrichten/proportionieren ließen?


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