Schlagwort: parallelity

It’s evolution baby. You can’t do anything about it, you just can do anything else when you do it.


Beyond good and evil relaxes from contingent external moral codes and eases and complicates life in its constructed-reduced aspect(s).
It let’s a constructed being (a composition in a „self-„, „world“-, etc.-serialisation) live besides the reductions of „good and evil“, but it doesn’t free you from the task of existence.

Gordon C.F. Bearn interpreted it as:
Deleuze the ‚Optimist‘.
Derrida the ‚Pessimist‘.

To me: Parallel and resounding (in) existence.
Actualising with/in/as subjects and maybe with everything (for example resounding [for example: fractally reminding/having an indirectly shareable trace] to the perspective: Object-Oriented Ontology, Graham Harman).

We, at least currently, can’t escape ‚Gravity‘.
Gravity though may escape us. As it is, in our realm of experience, weaker than the other three „fundamental forces“, it may hide somewhere. Anti-Gravity may also hide somewhere. And everything adds up to Zero and/or is unequally distributed in different locations, as for example different layers or dimensions.