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4. Juni 2017

It’s evolution baby. You can’t do anything about it, you just can do anything else when you do it.

4. Mai 2017

Beyond good and evil relaxes from contingent external moral codes and eases and complicates life in its constructed-reduced aspect(s).
It let’s a constructed being (a composition in a „self-„, „world“-, etc.-serialisation) live besides the reductions of „good and evil“, but it doesn’t free you from the task of existence.

4. Mai 2017

Nietzsche | Resounding | Adventure | Parallelity. Singular things, compositions, sound and resound, ‚Life‘ aspects besides (here: not beyond or below etc.) the co-construction of ‚good and bad‘.

27. März 2017

‚As a youth‘, I, in some definition of understand, couldn’t understand Hank Quinlan–his attitude, positioning, perspective, expressions, actions.
Currently, I can resound to his perspective without it being my constellation, ‚role‘-construction and ‚attitude‘, impression-expression-pointillation/composition.

12. Februar 2017

Gordon C.F. Bearn interpreted it as:
Deleuze the ‚Optimist‘.
Derrida the ‚Pessimist‘.

To me: Parallel and resounding (in) existence.
Actualising with/in/as subjects and maybe with everything (for example resounding [for example: fractally reminding/having an indirectly shareable trace] to the perspective: Object-Oriented Ontology, Graham Harman).

28. Januar 2017

We, at least currently, can’t escape ‚Gravity‘.
Gravity though may escape us. As it is, in our realm of experience, weaker than the other three „fundamental forces“, it may hide somewhere. Anti-Gravity may also hide somewhere. And everything adds up to Zero and/or is unequally distributed in different locations, as for example different layers or dimensions.

16. Januar 2017

„Nothing is perfect“ is a statement/wave of, probably among other things, paradoxity and parallelity (<- neologism).

(Continuing the above [re-]construction [of aspects of nothingness, perfection, and other things] for example with: Even nothingness isn’t perfect. And „all“/the „whole“ isn’t perfect either.)

10. Januar 2017

search and searched

In meiner derzeitigen spekulativen Ontologie der Parallelität formuliere ich:
Die Suche und das Ziel/Gesuchte/etc. sind vermutlich nie das Selbe (eh nicht), aber auch nie das Gleiche oder in einem gemeinsamen Moment/Raum. Sie sind metaphorisch, oder ggf. auch irgendwie technisch-materiell, parallel.
Sie können aneinander anklingen und damit vielleicht indirekt verbunden sein bzw. sich (bzw. durch ein Subjekt, ein Bewusstsein, oder auch allgemeiner durch Objekte und anderes) wahrnehmen. Dadurch (kausal) oder dabei (nonkausal) aneinander orientieren etc.
Die Suche kann an ein Ziel anklingen oder nicht. Solange sie es tut, existiert die am Gesuchten orientierte Suche. Wenn nicht (mehr), dann nicht mehr. In dieser so interpretierten Form sind Suche und Gesuchtes ein paralleles Paar, das auf jeweils irgendeine Art und ggf. parallel mehrere Arten anklingt oder nicht.

10. Januar 2017

My current speculative-ontological guess is, that we are compositions of parallel fractals being interpreted as subjects by our consciousness.
Moments as singular, interpretations connect moments. Compositions are consisting of individual ‚Things‘ that are (infinitely [for example: Georg Cantor] or finitely) small.
Out of these things, fractals are composed/’built‘, or the basic individual things are fractals them“selves“. Fractally the „self“ is only similar and reminding of/resembling it“self“.
Human subjects, and probably many other phenomena, are composed as
(ontologically being, or as if <-> interpreted so by human pattern-creating brains)
always somewhat similar and always somewhat distant fractals.

26. November 2016

The concept combination „Uncertainty principle“ (with the concepts/[re-]constructions ‚(un)certainty‘ and ‚principle‘) can be a contradiction. And a parallelity and an interesting heterogenous mixture.

Typically (patterns) human, and subjective (individuality of things) alike. Dialectically and nondialectically parallel maybe.


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