Schlagwort: Simone de Beauvoir

Toril Moi asks us: What can women become? And with that – not competing with it, and not congruent with it – the question is (existentialist as: search, adventurous quest and task): What can all human beings become?
„To become“ here meant as: acting and reflecting, not status and fixed content.

Amongst other works:
Moi, Toril – The Adventure of Reading: Literature and Philosophy, Cavell and Beauvoir. Literature and Theology (2011) 25 (2): 125-140.
Moi, Toril – Simone de Beauvoir. The making of an intellectual woman. 2nd edition (2008). Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press.


Quote from and by Simone de Beauvoir about speaking/writing and (representing) reality

L’original: „La realité n’est pas un être figé; c’est un devenir, c’est, je le répète, un tournoiement des expériences singulières qui s’enveloppent les unes les autres tout en restant séparées“
An English translation: „Reality is not a fixed entity; it is a becoming; it is, I repeat, a spinning of singular experiences that intertwine and overlap while still remaining separate“

Simone de Beauvoir – Contribution to Que peut la littérature? (1964) ed. by Yves Buin, Paris: Union Generale d’Editions, 1965, pp. 73-92
Quoted from: Toril Moi – What Can Literature Do? Simone de Beauvoir as a Literary Theorist Source: PMLA, Volume 124, Number 1, January 2009, pp. 189–198 (10)