Schlagwort: subjectivism

In the intensity or (statement-„self“-)consciousness of my words, sentences, fragments and statements, I’m ‚currently‘ in moments Segoe UI Light and in moments Segoe UI Semibold.


Subjectivism and life

I can tell, seen before
I know the way, I know the law
Can’t believe, can’t obey
Can’t agree with all the things
I hear you say [Kosinsky: „And I can’t agree with all the things I say my“self“.]

Don’t ya know, all the time
You got yours an‘ ya know that
I got mine
Grab a hold, don’t let go
Don’t let them rob ya of the only way ya know
Oh no, no-one else, got the
right to make you sorry for yourself.
Stay clean […]

In the end, you’re on your own
And there is no one that can stop you being alone.

Lyrics of: Motörhead – stay clean

In the individual sphere, every one is right. And in the social sphere no one.
(Logically [re-]constructed: In the social sphere when it is constructed as a relationalist sphere: Nothing can be right, only the whole of relations is the reference point and it is an empty one.
In the relationalist sphere/construction there exists no ones. And in the individualist sphere there are no relationalist determinations and wholes.)