Author: kosinsky

Ce triunghi frumos (s)tufos.


Gott. Werbung für ein geschmeidiges Konsum-Hamsterrad (statt Calvinismus). Ideologische Eindeutigkeit.
Ich kann nicht an Ganzheiten glauben, aber ich bleibe bei Gott bzw. seiner Existenz in der Welt, das verteilt den weltlichen Sinndrang besser.

‘Life is’ not temporarily checks and balances.
Life is temporarily a particularisation from singularity and platonic/timeless forms.
Particulars are temporary. Particularity is timeless.
And temporality seems to be a ‘function’/feature of the particular. Not of the singular. And not of the platonic existence aspects, building patterns of structuring, and phenomena.
Between them, Life is checks and balances, timeless.

In a certain sense and patterns, humans are plurally composed machines in an Existence full of different machines.

I like my desire machines and I don’t like their strict and their diffuse-unknowable limitations ‘set’ (in the sets of possibilities) by Existence.

I also don’t like my desire machines related to the picture I would like to have of me, of concrete/particular others, of humans and their patterns (which belong in the Plural together), and the World, and Existence.