20. Februar 2017

Platonic Plane and Deleuzian Plane and Sophist Plane and Atomist Plane.

Plane simple. Plane unexpected. A thousand Plateaus? One meta-plateau?

20. Februar 2017

„Das Leben reinlegen.“ Das klingt nach (und vor und während) Spiel.
‚Das Leben‘ nicht so monolithisch interpretieren/re-konstruieren. Das ist basal.

18. Februar 2017

Kinetic Energy as/or Potential Energy or Elevation Energy or Position Energy. Changing features with changing motion, relative or absolute, with being inertial or moving relative or absolute.

Inertial Frame in General-Relativistic Theory/Interpretation/Meta-Frame. Inertial Frame in Newtonian Theory/ “ / “ .

17. Februar 2017

I got to live with the Absurdity in life. And Absurdity is not the only thing that exists and even Absurdity is not the „Whole“, it’s more or less apparent and strong, but it’s not the whole, like nothing particular else is the whole.

17. Februar 2017

‚Warm Machine‘ by Bush is to me also (among all other potentials and soundings) a lyrics that reminds me of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Atomism.

17. Februar 2017

The Prostestant said: Everything that enables work is of value.
The Catholic said: Everything that prevents work is valueable.

17. Februar 2017

We meet in the dimensionless moment. (At least timeless). A point, not a serialisation.
And then we go into time again; and concretised/reduced-expanded, serialised spaces; resounding to spaces. Spaces which are equally great or irrelevant when we meet in the moment.

Time:    Projected/Re-Constructed Past <– Present –> Pre-Constructed, Projected Future

17. Februar 2017

For example and Concept:
The Continuum of the Stoics.
The Pointillation and Singularities of the Atomists.
The Desire Plane (of Immanence and Singularity) of Gilles Deleuze.

16. Februar 2017

The consciousness which (tries to, inklings to, resounds to) experiences pluralism experiences the/a parallelism (in my philosophical concept: Parallelity) of
– orientative and structured projections (lines, serialisations, world view stable part, ideology/commitment/abstract direction)
– and singularity awareness, individuality experience, as singular moments, individual constellations and meta-momentary traces/rememberance of this singularity and individuality and so: plurality.

15. Februar 2017

a) Desire.
b) Structural orientation.
Hierarchisation and structural fixing of nonhierarchical basic existence.


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