Absolutes in the largely relativised human existence experience

Philosophical and political-philosophical Essays and Erotic Shortstories (intended or created with the erotic resound/vibration, within -> towards the without, of notions, allusions, metaphors and sentences).


Harmony is a stone. Relative motion is causing tension and the need for de-tension.

Poetic, not scientific.

(Is, among all its potential resounds)

The Static Universe.

Black Holes without motion.

Finite or infinite, with a finite number of elements, combinations and pattern constellations or constellation (interpretation) patterns.

Do the numbers count us or do we count the numbers. We as atoms, what is our opinion?



A human A says: The secret of my vividness is: I “grew out“ of idealism of it all and kept an idealism of the particulars.

Human B: „In some sense that’s becoming a medium guy.“

A: „Yes, but one can also have it for non-relativised projects, for entreprises and other absolute things within and without the relative whole.“

B: „For me that’s not possible to do, at least currently and in my fractal world-line. I cannot solve the tension by splitting it into a large-to-all acceptance of the absurdity of the whole/s. And into a beautifully preserved nonabsurdity of my hobby horses and well-ordered, well-justified projects and particularisations of the plurality of things. And the for us humans necessary ordering and hierarchisation of the as-if-whole of all things. The ordering into a whole. Which is absurd. I cannot ignore or accept it enough to source it out of my world.“

A: „It’s taking the whole not serious but the particulars you do.“

B: „I try but I cannot ignore the absurdity and the tension between the different nonunitary, non-harmonisable necessities of Existence.“

„We must stop it. It disarranges everything (or a large-mass-having amount). It disturbs, confuses, confounds, defounds maybe, messes up and lets chaos in.“
„But it is true. I want you. In me. With me. Away from me, still there.“
„It is true and it is not within the order.“